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miles and miles

Some years ago, for those of you who knew me then, my dear Grandpa died of pancreatic cancer. I still miss him very much.

Physically speaking, the past year or so has been very hard on my body, and a friend of mine has been encouraging me to run. Well, she's finally succeeded and I have discovered that despite being on and off prednisone and associated illness, I still have quite a bit of run in me - I ran track long, long ago because I had a teacher who swore I had runner's legs. Being a tall, awkward nerdy girl, I don't think I believed her, but I did it because she was my fave teacher. Flash forward years later, she's being proven right. I'm not fast, but I can run a ten minute mile for quite a while... I am up to 4.5 miles in 45 minutes.

Most of you know I worked most heartily on the Obama campaign. My fellow Democrats have suckered me into running Relay for Life. :D The Relay benefits cancer research. In light of how horrible Grandpa's illness was, I couldn't say no. Friday night I'm doing two hours of walk/run with Mr. K. Wish me luck guys. Better yet, donate to our team.
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Vegan Red Velvet Cake

This recipe is from the Hot Damn & Hell Yeah/Dirty South vegan cookbook, which vegetara got me for my birthday. :D I did add a little of my own embellishment, because the book doesn't offer an alternative to red food dye, I google and found some suggestions. I love red velvet, don't love the dye so much. I also spelled out the egg replacer - the book says 'use whatever you'd like' but what I like is Isa Chandra Moskowitz's soy yogurt + baking powder substitute, and I've used it many times to good effect.

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Planned Parenthood needs our help!


Planned Parenthood has just learned that Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is expected to attack Planned Parenthood again today. He will offer an amendment to the Appropriations Act this afternoon that would block Planned Parenthood health centers from receiving federal funds from Title X, the nation’s family planning program.

Planned Parenthood offers quality affordable health care for women all across the United States. The current economic crisis makes their work even more crucial, as many are losing their their jobs or seeing a reduction in their insurance/health care. Please talk to your Senators - call or visit Planned Parenthood's site to learn more about how to help at:
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PSA: A Good Cause

katbeseroc's running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Here's what she has to say about it:

I have my website up. It is ready for donations. I am running 26.2 for the Lukemia and Lymphoma society with Team in Training. Yes, I did take frequent naps under powerlines, why do you ask?

Frequent visitors to my journal know I lost over one hundred pounds and need to go the last forty. I decided to do that last forty for something greater then myself.

It is a very worthy cause. Every five minutes, someone in the United States learns that he or she has leukemia, Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma or myeloma. Every ten minutes, someone dies of a blood cancer.

Please consider donating. Even five or ten dollars would help out a ton! It's because of charities like these that new treatments are found and has taken fatality of childhood lukemia from an insane percentage down to 14%. As any parent knows, 14% is still too damn scary a number.

And also, if you could all pimp my link on your own journals/web sites/emails/communities, I'd be much obliged!
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HHS "Conscience Rule" is almost a done deal

Despite public outcry, W has decided to kick women's rights in the teeth on his way out, AGAIN. According to Women's Health, the "conscience rule" will likely be written up tomorrow and will go into effect 30 days thereafter. It's an executive rule, and I hope it will be promptly addressed by the Obama administration once he's sworn in. Someone tell Joe Biden, he'll get all up in that. :D

In the meantime, ladies, if a pharmacy decides to allow its employees to deny medications based on the conscience rule, BOYCOTT them. That's right, vote with your feet. Dear pharmacists, I'm sorry, but if your conscience prevents you from dispensing the medications prescribed by a physician for whatever reason, FIND ANOTHER JOB.

No really. I have a degree in education. I could go teach at a Christian school but I don't. You know why? I'm Pagan. That's right. I don't go work at said Christian school and then whine about it conflicting with my beliefs. Get a grip, and join a profession more suited to your belief system. It will make everyone happier, including you.

I'm quite serious about the boycott. I'm going to call my local pharmacy where I get my $550 a month in prescriptions filled, and by god, if they don't fill EVERYONE's prescriptions, they won't be getting my monies. I'll take my expensive asthma/allergy meds elsewhere. I urge you all to do the same.
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Anakin pr0n fic bit

My f-list is lacking in Anakin pr0n. I must do my bit to relieve that situation. Here's a bit of smut from a longer fic - it's an AU wherein Anakin never became a Jedi and Sideous finds him, trains him as Vader and then he finds his true destiny as the Chosen One.

Oh yea, and Qui-Gon's not in this scene, but he's around. katbeseroc and I decided he was too awesome to kill.

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