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Clone Wars 3x15

I know, I'm late to the party but I have to say that I love Filoni et al. for doing an story arc on what it means to be the Chosen One. I am gonna try to keep it spoiler-free, in case there's anyone like me who had to wait and catch it on TiVo, but they nailed it, for me at least. I loved the trinity and that it included a woman, I loved the Son's very Malak-like appearance...speaking of the Son, I always love Sam Witwer. When he was on Smallville, Mr K and I made Juno Eclipse jokes b/c his character is very Chloe-obsessed, ahem..

Grown-up!Ahsoka made me squee a little. So did Qui-Gon's appearance. I think Obi-Wan has much to muse over now, and I don't see him just chalking up Qui-Gon's appearance as a dream or a hallucination. I don't think it borks canon however, because Obi-Wan will probably think the planet itself allowed Qui-Gon to manifest, and that is why he can be delighted to find him outside its confines.

And then there's Anakin. He's such a practical man, isn't he? His mom appears, he calls it black arts, he says the Chosen One prophecy is a myth...Anakin just likes things that he can hold in his hand. He still wants to physically fix, from his mom to his wife, to his master and the galaxy at large.

I've seen some reactions that if Anakin had just stayed, the Force would have been balanced...I dunno about that. If the Force didn't need some physical, hands-on TLC, why manifest in him as a human at all?
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