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Scans! Hi Res! AotC and RotS!

Last night I was cleaning out my desk and shelves and came across an old backup disk. I popped it in to see what was on it, and I found some awesome old AotC scans that I got from the now defunct A Master and An Apprentice, which was hosted by Binary Sunset. abrynne, this was your old site? I think? The AotC scans are notable for their high quality and rarity. I had them up on AR before at one point, but as I recall I took them down because punks were abusing my bandwidth. Anyway, I was inspired and I decided to upload of all my hi-res AotC and RotS pics. You may find them here: http://acaciahsrealm.net/aotc_scans/ and http://acaciahsrealm.net/rots_scans/ . I think some of the AotC ones are missing from this disk, and if I find more I will upload and post to let you all know that they are up.

Please feel free to upload and share them as you like. If an image has a scan watermark on it, do credit - there are a couple from Desiring Hayden, for example, but otherwise I do not require credit. I just want to share the pretty.
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