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miles and miles

Some years ago, for those of you who knew me then, my dear Grandpa died of pancreatic cancer. I still miss him very much.

Physically speaking, the past year or so has been very hard on my body, and a friend of mine has been encouraging me to run. Well, she's finally succeeded and I have discovered that despite being on and off prednisone and associated illness, I still have quite a bit of run in me - I ran track long, long ago because I had a teacher who swore I had runner's legs. Being a tall, awkward nerdy girl, I don't think I believed her, but I did it because she was my fave teacher. Flash forward years later, she's being proven right. I'm not fast, but I can run a ten minute mile for quite a while... I am up to 4.5 miles in 45 minutes.

Most of you know I worked most heartily on the Obama campaign. My fellow Democrats have suckered me into running Relay for Life. :D The Relay benefits cancer research. In light of how horrible Grandpa's illness was, I couldn't say no. Friday night I'm doing two hours of walk/run with Mr. K. Wish me luck guys. Better yet, donate to our team.
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