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PSA: A Good Cause

katbeseroc's running for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Here's what she has to say about it:

I have my website up. It is ready for donations. I am running 26.2 for the Lukemia and Lymphoma society with Team in Training. Yes, I did take frequent naps under powerlines, why do you ask?

Frequent visitors to my journal know I lost over one hundred pounds and need to go the last forty. I decided to do that last forty for something greater then myself.

It is a very worthy cause. Every five minutes, someone in the United States learns that he or she has leukemia, Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma or myeloma. Every ten minutes, someone dies of a blood cancer.

Please consider donating. Even five or ten dollars would help out a ton! It's because of charities like these that new treatments are found and has taken fatality of childhood lukemia from an insane percentage down to 14%. As any parent knows, 14% is still too damn scary a number.

And also, if you could all pimp my link on your own journals/web sites/emails/communities, I'd be much obliged!

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