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HHS "Conscience Rule" is almost a done deal

Despite public outcry, W has decided to kick women's rights in the teeth on his way out, AGAIN. According to Women's Health, the "conscience rule" will likely be written up tomorrow and will go into effect 30 days thereafter. It's an executive rule, and I hope it will be promptly addressed by the Obama administration once he's sworn in. Someone tell Joe Biden, he'll get all up in that. :D

In the meantime, ladies, if a pharmacy decides to allow its employees to deny medications based on the conscience rule, BOYCOTT them. That's right, vote with your feet. Dear pharmacists, I'm sorry, but if your conscience prevents you from dispensing the medications prescribed by a physician for whatever reason, FIND ANOTHER JOB.

No really. I have a degree in education. I could go teach at a Christian school but I don't. You know why? I'm Pagan. That's right. I don't go work at said Christian school and then whine about it conflicting with my beliefs. Get a grip, and join a profession more suited to your belief system. It will make everyone happier, including you.

I'm quite serious about the boycott. I'm going to call my local pharmacy where I get my $550 a month in prescriptions filled, and by god, if they don't fill EVERYONE's prescriptions, they won't be getting my monies. I'll take my expensive asthma/allergy meds elsewhere. I urge you all to do the same.
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