July 9th, 2009

Acaciah - Queen to a King

Health Care Debate

Yes, Gentle Readers, I am still batting for Team Obama via the healthcare debate. I sent emails regarding the public option to my senators and my local representative. As of yet, only my faithful representative has replied. She's a moderate Republican, or what I'd call moderate for our area. I actually like her in spite of this - she holds regular open houses and answers email promptly. I think she actually cares about her constituents. Her answer to my first email, which basically asked, "do you support the public option" was "No, and here's why." It was very much along the lines of most Republican criticism - it will ration health care like it does in the UK (Hey Brits on the f-list, is this true?), it will underpay doctors and drug companies, etc. One thing she mentioned was interesting to me, and I mention it in my reply below, cut to spare f-list. Collapse )